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Athamania Rooms
Athamanio Arta Zip: 47045
Phone1. +30 6972-649770
Tel2: +30 6947-835214


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Athamania Hospice

Athamanion- a village of spectacular beauty…

Surrounded by a forest of fir-trees, “Athamania Hospice” is located in the National Route which connects Arta with Trikala.

Dimitris and Aliki Kani created a family hospice and offer an unforgettable stay to the visitor, who will remember their hospitality for a long time.
In the northern area of the prefecture of Arta, and underneath the imposing Mountain chain of Southern Pindos which bears the ancient legendary name Athamanian Mountains or nowadays called Tzoumerka, you will find Athamanion village which is embraced by Acheloos River on its east and by Arachthos River on its west.

The artificial lake of Pournari, in a small distance from the village, completes the scenery and gives life and energy to the wider area.

The visitor surrenders to the mountainous fresh air, he is captivated by the colors and the wonderful scents of the seasons, he is overwhelmed by the pure and crystal clear waters of the rivers and springs, he is seduced by the unique and mysterious beauty of the lake, by the imposing peaks of the mountains, he is impressed by the Byzantine monuments and all of his sensations flourish.

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